Art Unit 2 Reflection

In this Unit (two), I have done well on making creative patterns, because when I was creating my own motif I wanted to show my culture influence New Zealand (NZ) In NZ flag there is the flag of England, next to that there is a small star around it.  So in my motif I made the star for the base and added the “Union Jack” and some star in it. I  am proud of changing my motif from wing interlock to heart interlock because when I was creating a motif I struggled with making interlocks on the top and bottom.  It didn’t seem to interlock very well. So I collaborated with my friends to make a new motif.  I think that made me a better collaborator and thinker. I think the weakness of my pattern(motifs) is my personal interest because of my personal interest I was trying to create a full body dog but turned out to be a food (Bone).  I think I used my creative thinking but I think I should have thought more deeply about how I can make the dog interlock. So I think my weakness is” giving up easily.”


I think my interlocking is good because I have changed my motifs to make it seem better and interlock better.  At the very beginning, I was planning on making a wing and a dog. But my final motif is a heart and a food (bone) I am going to interlock the heart on the top and bottom, food (bone) on left and right. For my food (Bone) I have cut it in half from top to bottom. For my heart, I sliced it from left to right. So it is creative. When printing my motifs onto the paper, I am thinking of Green on the corners. Blue in the middle and other left spaces, Red and Black. It is not like it has been randomly placed because I am using the Green on the edges to show the freedom (Grass), the middle is a New Zealand’s flag colour. The black and red part shows the Maori from New Zealand, this is also showing my culture influence.


Tech day

Technology is about solving problems.most of the people thinks technology is about ipad, iphone, computer and many others. and that can be true, but most of the time it is about solving problems.

In technology solving problems is about, using the ideas to fix or solve problems. and figure out the way of doing new things, In creative way.  I learnt how to be more creative by using technology like stop motion and robots.