Unit 2 Final Reflection (ART)

When creating my motif design, my strengths were that I was able to use creative thinking when creating my design. For a long time, I could not get my design right and I kept changing it then I thought that I should just go with the flow and do what my gut tells me to and I finally made my design look favourable. I also had a good understanding of what interlocking and negative space was. I was good at decision making because I was able to decide what my cultural influence would be I knew what colours I would choose before I even needed to worry about it. Some of my weaknesses during the unit were that I struggled to find a personal interest that I could use when creating my motif. Another weakness was that I kept drawing part of my design small so when I was carving I had some trouble and ink kept getting into the small lines. This affected my printing because undesired ink kept getting onto the paper and because the colours are contrasting it is very visible.

My interlocking was substantial. The interlocking parts create new shapes when interlocked for example the triangles create a diamond when put together. I think that my colour unity is good as the colours of the paper are similar and the colour of the ink is consistent. For example, the paper colours are dark blue and black. I chose these colours because black is one of my favourite colours and dark blue is used often in traditional kazakh clothes and my design used designs that also are used in the clothing. I also enjoy wearing the color blue and it is my second favourite color after green. The colour of the ink is white. Some people may think that using white ink is boring but I believe that it gives an elegant simplicity to my art and it balances out the darke colours of the paper. The way I arranged the papers where three blue papers are in between six black pieces of paper. I wanted to be different and not assemble the papers like the sixth graders last year.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1

Throughout the course of this unit I believe that I have I improved drastically because of all the things that I have learned. One thing that was very helpful for me was getting advice and collaborating with my peers. This helped me because I have become more open-minded about the advice I get as well as taking them into account. for example, when Abby helped me with my eye shape, I felt as though they looked better than before.  I might not be able to see a mistake while my friend can and since we are honest with each other it is easier to accept the critique. Another thing that helped me improve was using darker values to advance my drawing skills as this helped me make my drawing look more realistic. I was already familiar with the tortillion/blending stump and I believe that using this tool more helped me become better at using it. Using gradation and different values helped me too but again I was familiar with them too. While doing the eyes, nose, mouth study, the tutorials were very helpful because they showed me different variations of drawing the same thing and it helped me draw more realistically. The grid lines that we used were also very helpful because it made making the  When starting the drawing the grid lines were very helpful too and made finding the right place for a facial feature much easier, therefore, making my drawing look better.

Question 2

If I could draw my self-portrait again, I would have changed my expression because if I had changed my expression to happy, then it would have added dimension to my face, therefore, I could have used more gradation and value meaning I could have contributed the skills that I have learned more in my drawing. For example, when I smile, I get smile lines around my mouth, therefore, I could have added more value there. It would also portray the fact that I am a nice person and I enjoy to smile. I would have also changed my hairstyle because I would have tried to draw realistic hair because at the moment my hair is dark so I could not have tried to draw realistic hair. I would also have used a darker value for the darker areas on my face because I cannot manage to do that. I would also put my eyes slightly closer together as they are slightly too far apart. There are endless ways I could improve my drawing but I feel that if I do these, then my portrait will look better.

Question 3

I think that one of the skills that I used during the course of the unit is knowledge because I did have quite a lot of prior knowledge about the tools used when drawing realistically. I discovered that I was knowledgeable about this because when you are actually learning things you do not realise that you are gaining more knowledge. I also did not realise that because I did have this prior knowledge did not mean that I had an advantage but it just meant that I had a bit of a head start. Another skill that I can describe me as an artist during this unit is open-mindedness. I discovered that it is not that hard to accept critique and advice and they can help you very much. for example when Abby and Hafren helped me with the skin because I could not get it quite right but they suggested to make it darker so I did and it helped a lot.



Tech Days 💻

Paper Crafts

During paper crafts today, I got to make a little paper figurine. This was difficult to do because the paper was too small and my big fingers could not handle it. This was my least favourite activity and next time I would not want to do this activity.

Pinhole Photography

During pinhole photography, I got the chance to use a pinhole camera. This was an interesting experience for me because I forgot all about how it works. Cameras made life easier because you did not need someone to paint a portrait. This was fun because I did this last year and it sadly did not work. On the other hand this year it worked well and I got a photo.I would have chosen something else to take a photo of since the wind made my light flower blurry.

ATL Skills

             My ATL Skills brainstorm

I have learned that ATL skills are similar to PYP learner profiles but they are more detailed and complex. The videos helped me understand a little bit about what middle school will be like and that ATL skills are used by all students throughout the school year. I think by using the ATL skills throughout middle school and high school I can become a better person and improve my learning experience.