Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning helped me to draw with better skills. For example, I used blending stumps to gradate¬†different values from very light highlights to very dark shadows to make it look more 3 dimensional and to make it look more realistic. Before, going into drawing our own faces we made 2 scales called ‘value scale’ and ‘gradation scale’. This was practiced to help me use different values in my portrait to change from one shade to another knowing that the values are totally different on different parts. After practicing the scales, we practiced drawing realistic eyes, nose, and mouth with different values and highlights learning the size and shape has to be nearly accurate. Also, my friends helped me improve¬†because they would give me great feedback on what to fix and what is good, then I would go around one more time asking 1-2 more people the same thing and see if they have a different suggestion.


If I could draw another self-portrait again I would try making a different facial expression so that I can practice drawing an open mouth with teeth and a different eye shape to learn how to draw different kinds and to improve my drawing skills. Also, It could be really helpful later in the future because I think that my dreams can change from time to time and maybe one day my dream could be becoming an artist or even an art teacher. The second thing is to try and make my self-portrait out of a different material like paint or using a different type of tool to draw. For, example using a cotton swab to make dot paintings can be challenging to try but, it could be a pretty nice portrait with both shadows and highlights but, it can look a bit unrealistic because it can not be as perfect as the self-portrait drawn with different values of pencils and with a blending stump.


The 2 learning words that best describe me as an artist during this unit is communicator and thinker. I am a communicator when I answer questions and give feedback to my classmates about their drawing because giving feedback is a great way to know what you can fix and what you don’t need to fix. Also, it can be a great way to communicate with classmates that you have never talked before. I am a thinker when I draw. I am a think because when I draw I think to myself about if the size and the place of my eyes nose and mouth are correct. I also think about how I can fix my mistake and draw better because I am reflecting on how I am working and I am trying to find a way to make it look more 3D, or have more values.