Art Unit 2 Reflection

Part 1:


I think I did well on creating a balanced motif because I made sure I had both negative and positive space. For example, I practiced an activity in class to understand negative spaces in different pictures or motifs. Also, I think I did well on evening out the different shapes and ideas to make it look clear by thinking about where to put the shapes that can interlock on the sides. But when I was collecting ideas for the final design, it took me time because I kept on thinking about if one kind of design is necessary to keep and to be apart of my final design. The ideas and solutions that I am proud of is the wave idea because without the wave it looked like there was something missing. But, when I added the waves on the side of the Korean flag circle, the plate looked full.


I could improve my cultural influence idea by adding more detail or using some other kind of design, for example, flowers to represent my culture. I could improve my personal interest idea by adding a design that is more specific about what represents my self or my interest. I chose the season/star for my personal interest but, I could have been more specific like what kind or other kinds but a design that is easy to understand.

Part 2:

1: Interlocking

I think the interlocking on my final motif design is accurate for example, the triangles on the corners create a perfect square shape when it interlocks with each other because there are 4 triangles that can create one shape. I think I also have a part that can not interlock for example the wavy lines on the side because one of the line thickness is kind of different from the other line. My interlocking creates a new shape such as a square because the 4 equal triangles create a square as one of the shapes.

2: Color Unity

I chose these colors because they are the colors that represent my country. They symbolize the colors in the Korean flag(black, white, blue and red) but, I am only going to use the color black and white to show color unity. The combination of color that I am going to use is white ink on black paper and black ink on white paper. My color plan is unified and not choose randomly because I thought about the colors that represent my country and whether the color is unified or not by choosing the combination of color that does not hurt peoples’ eyes.

YIS Tech Day 2017

Technology is About Solving Problems

Today was a different day than any other school day because today for us 6th graders it was ‘Tech Day’. Tech Day is a day that the students in different grades go to 2 different classes and do activities that the teachers have assigned and spend the whole day solving problems and try new things with Technology.

For me, I did ‘Stop Motion Animation’ and ‘Pinhole Photography’. In stop motion, I had a problem with choosing the topic for the animation because we were allowed to make anything out of clay and take pictures. But, when taking the pictures for the animation, it was really easy because the stop-motion app showed a little picture in the back so that whoever is taking the picture can easily match the others and make it a successful animation. For the second one, the pinhole photography, I enjoyed it because it was a very different camera from the camera that we use now(digital). It was different because in order to take the picture with the camera I had to follow some rules. Some of the rules were easy to follow but, some of the others were hard which made it equal to understand what to do. First, I needed to set the camera with a really sensitive special film and go outside and leave the camera in the direction that you want it to take a photo of. Second, you take the photo out and put it into 4 different kinds of chemicals developer, stop bath, fixer, and the washer. After that, you should be able to see your photo.