Art Reflection 2

In making the motif I came up with ideas to interlock and show my personal interest. For example, I cut off half of the Pentagon that is on soccer ball to make interlocking and also to show that I like soccer. I could have concentrated more because I kept going to my friends to see how well they were. I concentrated when I was listening to music and I want to achieve our seats. I think the thing that I need to fix is to focus on one thing because I try doing something while doing something else and it made me slower Next time I would go to the more open studio to be on track and maybe move further.

I was grateful for watching ukioy-e video and answering the questions because it really helped me in the ukioy-e quiz. The 5 motif design was fun because we got to learn the culture of some countries. I spotted patterns and shapes that I have never seen, for some motif I used a ruler to draw the difficult line that is in the shapes and this solved my problem. I chose the color black, blue and red because the soccer ball pentagon is black and white and mountain fuji is blue and white and the Singaporean flag is red and white. I tried making the design with balanced negative space and positive space but there was a little more negative space than the positive space. I can’t wait till 7th grade and I want to focus on a concentration earn our seats.





Art Unit 1 Reflection

  1.  My learning helps me improve in blending the colors to make it look realistic. I learn to blend when we first did the graduation scale we use a tool call blending stump. We practice drawing Eyes, Nose, and Mouth. Eyes Nose and Mouth study were because of the shape and value. We learned How to draw Eyes Nose and Mouth with the tutorial, this also made me improve in using the blending stump. We learned different vocabulary, For example, value, gradation, 3D proportion and many more. I have also learned where to put the Eyes Nose and Mouth using the grid line.
  2. I would try to use the blending stump more and improve my work. I think the best way to improve is to restart and add the things you thought that was good and change the things that need improvements. For example, I need to use more highlights and more shadows to make the portrait look 3D. I need to go to the open studio more often because I am behind and I need more improvements.
  3. I got curious and communicator because I used curiosity to get ideas from my friend and how they were using the blending stump or how they did the highlights. I used communication when I needed help or when where to improve on. For example, when I was drawing my mouth the shape was right but it didn’t look 3D so I when to my friend to get feedback and getting feedback is one way to improve. I think that curiosity and communication is important because curiosity makes you get ideas and communication get feedback.