Art Unit 1 Reflection

How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

my learning has helped make my self-portrait more realistic, for example, making highlights and shadows that is what I learned to make a drawing realistic. I also learned how to use a blending stump by making value scales and with practicing eyes nose and mouth, that was very important because to make our portraits very smooth we need a blending stump so that really affected my drawing a lot and i improved my portrait be more realistic is about the value of the lightness and the darkness of my drawing because with contrast the drawing looks more interesting and easy to look at.


what two things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

one thing I would do differently is about my face shape, my face shape was really round because I made my face without thinking that much about the shape so it looked like a tv character. For an example to make it better I would first make a circle then I will gradually make the round lines a little straight so I can make an oval that is one thing I should have done to make my self-portrait better.the second thing to do is to ask for feedback because at the start of the year I wasn’t asking for feedback even if the teacher told me to then later in the unit I started to ask a lot of freinds for feedback and self-portrait was better than I expected so I really felt that asking for feedback is really important so that is my two thing’s I would do diffrently.

which2 learning words best describe you as an artist one

word is value because it is the first word I learned in 6-grade art and all artist’s use it which makes the drawing more smooth and more realistic.The second word is blending stump because that is the first tool I used in my whole life of drawing and drawing self-portrait and I knew that every artist uses it to make there drawing more smooth and I think every famous artist thinks that the blending stump is very useful for there drawing a lot.


Today we learned about ATL’S approaches to learning and made a brain frame about the ATL’S and made some topics and wrote some details about the topics.

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