Tech Days!

Technology is about solving problems, 

Today we started with a paper aeroplane contest, I was grouped with Maiya and Harumi. We worked as a team and made a really cool and good aeroplane. Unfortunately, we did not win but at least we tried our hardest!

My first activity I did was the pinhole photography with MR Broughten. I did this last year so I was not really looking forward to it but actually, MR Broughten Changed a bit of the concept so I was really happy. We had the whole time from snack break to lunch, We had cans of paint(without paint inside) for the camera. We had everything set up already because the wonderful MR Broughten set everything up for us. We headed toward the studio because that is where there is no place for light to go in. In the studio, we set up the final things we needed and then headed to the garden in front of the school. We set up our cameras and took our picture. We then went back to the studio and dipped our photo paper in special solutions that make the picture stand out. My picture stood out fine but there could be a lot of room for improvements. Most importantly I learned a lot, I learned that when you take the picture the paper is exactly the same as when you put the paper in the can. The thing that makes the picture stand out is a process of four different solutions each specified a specific time to leave the picture in. I had a lot of fun and I definitely have a new passion for photography.

My second activity was remix and mash-up with MS Madrid. Straight away I thought music but when she introduced us to the topic music was only one thing but there was also a lot more to it than just music. We had a double period to finish this activity. We had to choose a  variety of things that have to do with remix and mashup and present it at the end of the lesson. I chose to do a mash-up of two things, a paintbrush and a colourful picture. I mashed it up together and got a really nice design that I really like. I used a marker to colour the whole picture, and I added a quote that I made up to make the picture stand out. I learned(during the lesson) that even though remix and mashup sound like music that it is actually not. I really enjoyed this lesson and I definitely what to do it again!

Overall I really enjoyed TECH DAYS and I definitely want to do this again!


ATLs workshop

Today we had a workshop about ATL Skills run by MS. Clifford and MR. Broughton. We watched video’s that were made by Gr 9,8,7. I chose to look at Ayako’s (Gr.9) Video. She and her three friends made a video about communication skills. They made a skit about two students and a teacher. In the end, one of the students learned a lesson a lesson about being clear and listing. I learned about new ways to present although I already knew about communication skills. Overall I really enjoyed that presentation. The next video I watched was Auriane’s(Gr.8) video she and her team spoke about organization skills. They made a skit about a boy who did not study for the test and the final result was he got a bad grade. I learned more about good things to do and things that would not bring you anywhere but a bad grade. After watching these videos we had to create a poster with a partner. I was with Maité, We had to write the ATL skills and how it connected to the videos. I really enjoyed this activity and I gained a lot from it.

– Julia Lanctot