Tech Day – Tech Fun

Technology in solving a problem, and that is what we did today. We participated in different activities. For example, Pinhole Photography, StopMotion, etc.

In pinhole photography, we took pictures with DIY cameras. We solved the problem of the sun getting in the way (as that would ruin the photo), and brainstormed ways to make sure the camera did not shift. The image was pretty decent (a little dark, but okay). If I could do this next year, one thing I would do differently would be that I would try to find a darker area, away from the sun, and that just might help to make the image a little bit lighter.

During stop motion, we used clay to create characters, we then used a stop-motion app, and took picture by picture, moving the figurines along the way. And that created a little story by connecting the images and making it look like the characters were moving all by themselves. But there was a problem, the clay would come unstuck at times, and we had to remake some of the figures. It took a bit more time but we did it!

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