Art Unit 1 Reflection

Q1: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically? 

My learning has helped me draw more realistically. When I compare my first day drawing with the drawing I have now I see how much I have learned throughout the unit. I think learning with the step by step tutorials were really useful for me because I could go through the steps as quickly or slowly as I wanted to. I could also compare my drawing to the other drawing and see if I made mistakes and how I could fix them. Another way I learned was by practicing. The eyes, nose, mouth study helped me a lot. I figured out what parts of the facial features were hard for me. When I knew what was hard for me I could spend more time doing that correctly avoiding mistakes that I had made before. Also, my learning helped me use different art tools correctly. One tool I used was blending stumps, these helped me in my shadows because they help me get lines away and turn those lines into shows. They also help me change color gradually. The last thing that really helped me learn was open art studio.  Open art studio gave me more time to practice and draw my portrait. For example, I was really behind on my eyes, nose, mouth study but because of open art studio, I caught up. 

Q2: What 2 things would you do differently to make you drawing even better?  

The first thing I would change is the shadows. I think I should first mark the space to find the right shape and then color it but not too dark so I can erase. I have made this mistake in two parts of my drawing. I think this could help me improve my drawing because the shadows and highlights would match and not mess each other up. Also, I need to make sure not to overlap the hair with my shadows. I need to also be careful with the shadows of the nose because that is a really tricky shape and easy to mess up. The next thing I want to do differently is the background of my face. I want to change this because I think it is a little too light. This is a problem for me because I can’t have a lot of different light values. For example, take the side of my face where the line is shining on, I tried to make it as light as possible but it doesn’t look very much lighter than the highlights behind the grid lines. By making the background of my face darker is going to help make my portrait more realistic, because the highlights are going to stand out more.

Q3: Why do these two ATL skills describe what you’ve discovered about yourself? (Communicator, Confident) .     I think I was communicator because I gave a lot of advice, showed people things, and asked for advice. I showed people examples and how to fix their problems. For example, if somebody asked me for advice and their shadows were wrong, I would say “look at your shadows. Is there something wrong with them?” or “your shadows are too light try going over them again.”  I also think I was committed. I think I was committed because I came to open art studio multiple times. Open art studio helps me a lot because it gives me extra time to work on my drawing and other artwork. I am a pretty slow drawer and when it comes to drawing I am also a perfectionist. so open art studio has helped me catch u with the other kids and make my drawing good. I am also committed because I try working as hard as possible. At the beginning of this unit, I got distracted in class a lot and talked with the people around me. Now I have improved and don’t talk as much. I also think that earning our music helped because people around me have earplugs in and I get less tempted to talk.   



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Before                                                                                     After

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