Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

P1: What were your project’s strengths/weaknesses?                                                                                 

My projects strength is probably the interlocking, I think this because it interlocks on all four sides. I have 2 beams to interlock all sides of my plate. One is going vertically and one is going horizontally. I also think I did well with my sakura flower because it is hard to carve but I made changes till I thought it was reasonable to carve. I took away my lines in the flower because that was dangerous to carve since I could slip, I also made my flower a bit bigger to make the curves easier to carve. I am proud of the solution I had to use gymnastics beams instead of bookworms to interlock. Before my idea was to have a book in the middle of my plate and then to have bookworms coming out of the book to interlock horizontally. But I didn’t like that idea. I think I could improve my cultural influence by choosing a little more complicated design, for example, I would have liked to have a little more sakura flowers in my motif.


I think my interlocking is really accurate. like I said in the last paragraph I have gymnastic beams for my interlocking. It is not very complex but it is a nice accurate way to interlock. I think my interlocking could have been more complex but I am still happy with my beams. My interlocking does not make a new pattern or shape. it would have made my printing more interesting. I chose 3 colors turquoise, Prussian blue, and purple. I chose these colors since I really like them because there is something different about these colors to me that other colors don’t have. I chose these colors for both ink and paper because I thought it would be different than other people their work. I used color unity, I have only used three colors.  

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