Descripción Mi Casa

En mi abuelos casa, tengo seis habitaciones. Tengo una cocina, un comedor, un baño, un dos cuarto y un salón. en mi cocina tengo un lavabo y un lámpara. en mi comedor tengo una mesa, cuatro sillas y muchos libros. También en mi salon tengo un sofá, un televisor, un librero. En mi cuarto tengo cuatro cama, tengo una la mesa de noche, un vitrina y un lampara. en mi otro cuarto tengo un poster, una vitrina, una dos masas, unos dos sillas y un cama. por ultimo en mi bano tengo un lavabo, un la taza de bano un espejobun comoda, un tina y una ducha.

Tech Day

Technology is about problem-solving and something that helps our lives.

Today in tech day I learned how to control Lego robots and what you need to improve to make it better. We battled who had the best robot and battled ice hockey. We thought of creative ideas and thought of the most efficient way to make our robot better.

The other activity I did was Paper Craft. We printed out the net of our favorite characters and made it by glue in and cutting. I started to make a devil character and turn out to be really good.

ATL Skills

Over the past few days, I have been learning about the ATLs (aprouches to learning) and how that could effect our learning. We watched a video and wrote down how the video connected to ATL skills. From this excercise I learned that ATL skills are something that are really important and something we should all use to help with our learning.