Unit 1 Final Reflection

My learning helped me improve my portrait look realistic by using more values and learning how to shade using tools such as the blending stump. The blending stump was used for blend lines so the different values gradually change to one another. One massive change I found out was that I learned how to create gradation making my picture look realistic. For example, on the portrait, I drew 2 months ago I had no gradation and looked like 2 dimensional. Another change I found was that I used different values and a wide range of dark and light values. This made me improve my portrait because by using a large range of values this added shadows and depth to my portrait making my picture 3 dimensional as well. Also going to open studio, practicing drawing the facial expressions helped me with having the right shape and size. By knowing the size and shape it helped me with having to not erase, leaving a mark.

If I could draw my portrait again, I could draw the outline of the facial expressions lightly with my pencil first so I don’t leave a dent. For example, when I drew my portrait I mistook the place and had to erase my eye, but didn’t come off as I expected. I would also start off with a darker toned paper because my paper first looked like it was almost white therefore my highlights didn’t have much contrast with the background and blended in. Also by toning my paper darker, making my shadow would be more effective because I do not need to add value or subjective value.

I think reflective best describes me as an artist because I acquired new knowledge and skills by transferring my knowledge from different subjects and also reflecting on the mistakes I had before. I also think enthusiasm best describe me as an artist because I tried to think always positively and never gave up even though sometimes my work didn’t go the way that I intended to expect. Although sometimes my enthusiasm caused for my self-management skill going down and lost concentration on my work.

Final Portrait

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