Unit 2 Final Reflection

During this unit, I think I have incorporated a lot of my characteristics into my design and that has made it a really important artwork to me. I have added 2 different personal cultures and 2 personal facts into this design and in conclusion, I think my design turned out to look appealing. I have also made my design overlap so it could show more of my culture of Japan, and my interest in Japan’s history. I made my motif design have a good balance between the curved lines and the straight lines to express who I am as a human being. throughout creating this motif design I am particularly proud of how I problem solved when creating the detailed waving line because before I found my self-drawing a completely different pattern every time I tried to write the same design. For example, when drawing my fourth spike my sides were uneven and didn’t turn out to look as I wished and didn’t interlock properly. So instead I overcame this challenge by changing the steps and drew from the negative space, not the positive space. If I would do this again I would make sure to have my design with more of a balance with my negative space and positive space because to me it looked too bland and needed more positive space.

I think my design interlocks properly because I took extra caution on my sides to make sure that it has equal and the same measurements. I still wish I had more of a abstract drawing with more of a interesting pattern when interlocked, because the parts that interlock are all the exact same and has a cemetery line and looked mostly geometric. I am planing to use the colors that are mostly hot because i think it represents me the most. I might arrange the colors by brightest in the middle to make it stand out more than the other and the cooler colors at the border of my paper to have unity. I preferred to have more of a calm feeling in my motif so it would have a connection with my colors. But i still chose the colors mostly similar to red because in all the countries iv’e lived in I noticed that it always had the color red in it. All in all this project ha been a enjoyable and a new experience and have learned a lot in these couple of days.