Art Unit One Reflection


Look at both your Class 1 and Class 13 self-portrait drawing. Explain: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?


My learning has taught me many things. Firstly, it has taught me how to use a blending stump. But most times, I use my finger to blend. Besides, Mr. Martinez says that blending stumps are the work of the Devil himself. Second, it has taught me about shadows, highlights, and gradation. During my learning, I learned that those three elements are very crucial to drawing. No highlights, shadows, and gradation? Say goodbye to realistic drawing! Finally, I also learned that proportion is extremely important. You can’t draw a realistic face when your eyes are up where your forehead is, or your ears down to your chin! So in short words, I learned a lot. A whole lot.


Imagine you could draw your self-portrait again, with all your new skills and knowledge. Explain: What 2 two things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?


First, I’d change my self-management. During my Student Council Retreat, I missed a huge art lesson. After that, I was massively falling behind. Next time, I would make sure to attend my all of my classes. Also, next time, I would go to Open Studio (before-school art class) to catch up even more. Second of all, I’d try to use the darkest and the lightest values I could use. Using super dark and super light values make your drawing look super realistic. Third, I would add more detail in general. In the eyes, nose, and mouth, I really feel like I could use a lot of detail. Next time, I will use some drawing tutorials. That may help me improve next time,


Which 2 Learning Words best describe you as an artist during this unit?


I think I was a risk-taker because, first, I really felt like I was going to fail this unit, but I felt so determined to do this unit, and I did not give up. Second, I tried things I did not ever try before, like use a blending stump and use an eraser to draw. I believe I was also a thinker because I really had to think about values, how to organize my time to catch up, how to draw my nose realistically, etc. I also think that I thought (metacognition?) really hard about the proportion of my nose on my drawing. So I would use the words risk-taker and thinker would describe me best.

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