Unit 2 Final Reflection

Explain your project’s strengths and weaknesses.

On my project, I thought I printed well. I used a printing plate with even negative and positive space and used complimentary colors and analogous colors on my final print. For example, I used the colors magenta and green, which is complimentary. I am also proud of how I made my print more complex. It used to only interlock on one piece of the print, but then I added the two circles on the side to make it more complex and meaningful. But the only part I used the Cultural Influence on my print was the circle in the corners. I really feel like I could have added something extra. Also, because I did not transfer the ink very well, some parts of the print are light and some parts of the print are very dark. Next time, I could carefully apply more ink so the final project will look more balanced and unified.


I really think my prints interlock very nicely. Some parts are uneven, but I think I tried my best. My interlocking print creates new patterns because when the two circles on the side interlock, they create a pizza. The colors I used express my feelings and my interests. For example, the orange color represents the Hawaiian sunset and my love for the ukulele. My color plan is unified because I only use three colors and I arranged them in a check-style pattern.

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