Unit 2 Final Reflection


This unit, I think I did very well thinking of my motif and design.I was creative and able to include my personal interest, cultural influence, and the facts about me. The idea I am proud of is how I made the snowflake interlock because it was really cool how it makes 1 snowflake from 4 corners. I also I think did well carving and drawing the designs neatly. My project’s weakness is that I should’ve done a different thing that represents Japan because a normal Japanese flag is just a circle and is really boring. I could improve my personal interest idea because I think I have too much thing related to winter.

I think my interlocking is pretty accurate because I measured it so all sides have the same length and place. When my design interlocks, it will create one snowflake at the corner. I chose blue and white because blue is my favorite color and white relates to things like skating, snow, and winter. I tried to make them unified and I think it kind of does.

Art Unit 1 Reflection


Question – Look at both your Class 1 self-portrait drawing and you Class 13 self-portrait drawing. How did your learning help improve and learn to draw more realistically?

The most important thing that made my portrait better is practicing the value scale and the eyes nose mouth study. The value and gradation scale has helped me a lot because I have never drawn anything with more than 3 values and also include graduation. Before then, I just drew with black lines, kept some parts white and used only 1 type of grey for shades. For shades, the blending stump has helped me a lot. Also, the eyes nose mouth study has helped me because I didn’t really know how to draw a good shape with different values so it looks realistic and 3D. The video has helped me know where highlights should go or where shades should go. The video helped me with the basic shapes as well even though everyone’s is different.


Question – Image you could draw your self-portrait again, with all your new skills & knowledge. What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

If I can do my self-portrait again, I will use a ruler for the proportions since the picture is a little bigger then the paper you are going to draw your portrait on. But, if you use a ruler and make it a few millimeters smaller, or closer to the portrait, you will have the correct proportion. Another technique I would try is using the blending stump very well for shadows and gradation.


Question – Unit 1 Statement of Inquiry: “The process of artistic creation can lead to self-discovery.” Which 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit? Explain why these 2 words describe what you have discovered about yourself.

I2 words that describe me as an artist is communicater and open-minded. I did well getting feedback from people and also giving the feedback. From that, I learned new ways of discovering proportions, shades, highlights, etc/. I also think I was open-minded because even though the portrait was hard and I got frustrated, I tried to keep my self calm and positive.


YIS Tech Day 2017


Today was tech day and it was so fun! We had two activities throw out the day. My first one was stop-motion and the second was pinhole photography. I liked both because we had to be really creative. The pinhole photography was so hard to make the picture clear and nice.

ATL Skills


Today, we had a lesson about ATL skills. It was our second ATL lesson. We watched videos that 7, 8, and 9th graders made for us which explained about the ATL. We had to watch a video from a 7th grader or a 8th grader and one from a 9th grader. I watched I video made by Ayako in 9th grade with 2 other girls which was based on communication skills. From grade 7, I watched a video by Julia and her group. It was about how you should be organized so you don’t fall behind! We also made a brain frame about it before we started!