Art unit 1 reflection

How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically? I used better techniques with tools and other tools. Like shadows, highlights, and different values. I also learned to draw from angles instead of a portrait of me looking straight. I used different shades of a pencil to make different value. I learned about proportion that is really important when you are drawing a person and I didn’t know that at the start. I have also learned that the value scale and the gradation scale helps a lot because then you can compare your darkest value and your lightest value.

What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better? I would draw highlights that are easier to see. For example, my drawing has highlights and I highlighted it but it is not really clear. I would also make the details of my hair a little bit more like hair because it looks like my hair are two separate colors. I need to be careful about the values that I use for my portrait. Next time, I will not use a blending stump on my hair because I had to keep on drawing more hair and it was hard for me to continue those steps.

Which 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit? I would describe myself as a risk-taker because I tried different things with the shadows and highlights. I took risks to do different kinds of things. For example, trying shadows with different shades of pencil to make the drawing more realistic . and if that thing didn’t work, then I blended it with a blending stump to make it back to normal. I would also describe myself as a thinker because I think about the proportion. To make the drawing balanced and even, I thought about the proportion.



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