Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think that I did very well on transferring the ink onto the paper. I transferred the paper carefully so that I would not have to do my print again. I tried to reflect on how I could transfer it well before I was going to transfer it. I am proud of my plan for transferring. I just put the paper down slowly that it doesn’t smudge the ink. I am also proud of my idea for only using only one color even though I could have used multiple colors. It made it easier for me to clean since I am really bad at cleaning all the tools. I could improve my cultural influence idea by changing the color to the color of the culture’s flag. For example, my culture was Japan so the main colors are going to be white or red. I think that I should have done red because the circle in the Japanese is red and the part that was sticking out on the plate was the circle so I think that I should have thought of that. I could also improve my personal interest idea by maybe doing something a little bit less obvious. For example, I used smiley faces and I feel like many people know that I like smiley faces so I think that  I should have chosen something that most people don’t know that I am interested in.

My accuracy for interlocking was ok because it interlocked but it didn’t interlock in the best way that I think that there is. I think that I could interlock better than I did by making the designs easier to see when I transfer it onto the paper. For example, I put rectangles in the corners of my plate and when I transferred it onto the paper, it looked like it was a messed up shape. But other than that, my artwork turned out pretty good. My interlocking created shapes that I think everyone knows or at least uses. So I think that I could improve on that by choosing shapes that are very unique and maybe made up.  I chose these colors because they symbolize my personality. My colors that I chose is all over the place. Let me explain. Black is for when my parents make me do things that I don’t want to do and I get kind of gloomy and dark. White is when I am having a cheerful time with my friends and classmates. Pink is when I am eating something delicious and I enjoy it a lot. Blue is when I feel sleepy after I did something that is tiring which is me all the time. My color plan is unified because they are in a certain order that I chose. I decided to make them unified because I didn’t want to make the people seeing my artwork confused. So I made my color plan unified.


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