In this unit, I learned about interlocking motif designs. I had lots of fun making and creating my motif with my friends. My strengths in this unit were creating the actual design of the motif. In my motif, I had a huge “X” across the rubber and drew the Korean flag on the edges. There was also a “Vans” logo at the top of my motif. That really explained that I am interested in clothing and fashion. Another one of my strengths in this unit was developing ideas with my friends and thinking about what would satisfy me the best. There is a thing with me in art when I draw something and I think that I could do better, I start to think deeply about what I should do that would fit me the best. Some weaknesses I had during this unit was thinking of my ideas too late, which lead to unfinished work. Obviously, that really affected me throughout the unit but I think I can get better at it by reflecting. I think that my cultural influence in my motif could have been a lot better because, in both of my motifs, I had the same idea of drawing the Korean flag. My personal influence might improve a bit more by adding objects that I own, not what I want. I added a lot of stuff that I did want in my motif, but I actually never added what I adore.


One thing that was really important this unit was creating the motif so it can interlock. If I made the motif, but it never interlocked, it would be a failure. I feel like my motif does interlock, but it doesn’t interlock them to the level where it is amazing. A lot of people obviously worked really hard on this project, so did I, but I couldn’t really think of ideas. I interlocked my patterns so that at the top I drew circles at the top and it would make a circle shape. For my color unity, I did well. This is a photo of my color plan (PK: Pink, LB: Light Blue)

I personally think that it is color unified, because obviously at the corners there is “Pink Paper under Light Blue Ink” and in the middle (diamond shaped) there is “Brown Paper under Yellow Ink” and in the very middle “Yellow Paper under Brown Ink”. Many people might think that it is not color unified, but I think it is. For the corners, I chose “Pink and Light Blue” because those 2 colors are my favorite. It really expresses a feeling that I cannot really describe. In the middle, I chose “Yellow and Brown” because the diamond-shaped middle was the opposite.

Overall I think that my project did pretty well, my color unity, motif and everything else.

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