Art reflection

In the project, I think I did very well on thinking creatively and interlocking because I didn’t want my motif to be simple but interlocking. For example, using only squares or circles which is really boring. I am proud of the long line idea because the line makes a Japanese flag plus it looks very […]

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1 In my Day 1 drawing compared to my Day 13 drawing, the Day 1 has only two values. Black and white so it doesn’t look that realistic and 3-dimensional. And I didn’t use a blending stump to make shadows and highlights unlike the Day 13. I think I was very focused and concentrating […]

El Blog

Mi abuelo tiene cinco habitacion. La salon, el comedor, la cocina, el cuarto y la tina. En mi salon tiene la mesa, las sillas, la television y sillon. En mi el comedor tiene la mesa, las sillas y el espejo. En mi la cocina tiene el lavabo, el tapete y las cortinas.  En el cuarto tiene la […]

Tech Day

Technology is the solution to a problem (Rion) Today I did paper craft and it was very fun but very stressful because you need to staple the paper together to keep it stable. If you don’t, the paper will come apart and you need to start again. I wasn’t very good at it so when […]