Tech Day

Technology is the solution to a problem


Today I did paper craft and it was very fun but very stressful because you need to staple the paper together to keep it stable. If you don’t, the paper will come apart and you need to start again. I wasn’t very good at it so when I finished my first craft and when I started my next one I gave up and talked to my friends.

After that I did Remix with Goki and Haruki. We decided to sing the song “cheerleader”. Haruki did beatbox and me and Goki sang the song. This was a mash up because we used the music but we sang the song. I learned that we need to use our time more wisely because we just made the song on time.



Today i did paper craft with the high schoolers and It was really hard to make the paper models because it was different to stabiles the model with the staples. I got a bit boring because I wasn’t  Good at craft work and finally gave up.

After we did remix with Ms.Madrid. we were supposed remake a thing, Haruki, Rion and i chose cheerleader for our song




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