Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1

In my Day 1 drawing compared to my Day 13 drawing, the Day 1 has only two values. Black and white so it doesn’t look that realistic and 3-dimensional. And I didn’t use a blending stump to make shadows and highlights unlike the Day 13. I think I was very focused and concentrating when I was drawing so I went through the classes pretty smoothly and I think I had good self-management which I think leads to a good drawing. We asked our classmates for feedback to make our drawing even better and collaborate with each other for it to look better. In my Day 1 drawing the proportion of the parts of my face are completely wrong which kind of makes it look like fake or bad. For example my eyes. The iris is not round and the eye size is different from left and right. The left ear has a weird shape and my nose looks 2-dimensional.  In Day 1 I didn’t use grid lines which made the parts of my face in wrong places. I think to do all of these would get a better interpretation of my drawing and would make it realistic.

Question 2

If I could start again I would go to open studio more and more to make more time to make my drawing even better. Because when I saw a classmate already in class 10 and I’m still in class 7, I rushed through and made some of my shapes wrong. This is because I didn’t have enough self – organization and problem-solving skills to relax and move through at my own pace. Next, I would first get my face shape right first and then add my eyes, nose, and mouth but first I would get my face shape right. Because in my drawing right now the face shape is slightly wrong and I drew the eyes, nose, and mouth. After that, I tried to fix my shape but it looked wrong because I already drew the parts of my face which I think if I fixed it I would have got a better interpretation and a would have got a better representational drawing.

Question 3

I think enthusiasm and independence fit me. Enthusiasm because I am always enthusiastic and excited to make my drawing better and better. For example, a class ended when I wanted to change a really important thing and I was really excited for the next class about how it would look if I changed it. Independence because honestly I didn’t really ask for feedback to my friends and I tried to realize my mistakes my self and solve them my self. I only asked someone for feedback when I really really needed it.  I didn’t really walk around looking for ideas and talk to my friends but I sat on my seat almost the whole class and I worked on my drawing. I believe that they both are very important in drawing or anything because if you are enthusiastic about everything you can do anything. And if you are independent you can realize your own mistake and solve it.


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