Art reflection

In the project, I think I did very well on thinking creatively and interlocking because I didn’t want my motif to be simple but interlocking. For example, using only squares or circles which is really boring. I am proud of the long line idea because the line makes a Japanese flag plus it looks very cool. I could improve on my cultural influence idea because I just put the Japanese artwork on my artwork which means I didn’t think or create anything. The challenging thing in my cultural influence artwork was that it was hard to decide where to make it negative and where to make it a positive space. I could improve on my personal interest idea because I only put a soccer goal in my artwork which doesn’t really represent soccer. I should have included a soccer ball.


My interlocking is pretty accurate because I measured it carefully. But because of my carving, I might have dug into the line or when I’m printing the ink might have spread a bit which makes it not interlocking. And I think I should’ve printed my artwork and connected it just in case. My interlock creates a circle of the Japanese flag which I am proud of because it is my imagination. I chose red and black because I’ve always loved the combination of red and black, and it balances out well. For example, when I buy a clickable pencil I always choose the red and black one. My colors are unified because I wanted to make a pattern of red and black.

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