Mi Abuelos Casa

La casa de mis Abuelos es grande y es muy bonita. La casa tiene tres habitaciones dos baños una sala una cocina y tres entradas. La primera habitación es pequeña es de mi hermana y yo. Y es muy muy blanca tiene una cama y una armaria también una mesa de noche y una televisión tiene una lámpara un espejo y un baño que conecta con la segunda habitación. La segunda habitación es de mi madre. Hay una cama dos mesas de noche y una armaria también una televisión un espejo también pero la segunda habitación tiene dos lámparas. Y la última habitación es de mis abuelos tiene la cama más grande de la casa dos mesas de noche un armario dos espejos y una televisión Y un baño gigante porque mi abuelo es muy grande. A mi me gusta mucho estar en la casa de mis abuelos.

Unit 2 final reflection

I think I did very well on the color coding on the print because I thought it through a lot and made sure that it was how I liked it.I made a few changes because I asked others advice and at the end, I went to Mr.Reed to see if it was ok to put on my print.And my solution that I’m proud of is when I did my test print it was never correct because the paper shifted or it wasn’t carved deep enough so I used Mr.Reeds help and my classmates help to fix it and I am very happy on how it came out.To improve cultural interest I would make it look more like fire because of Bangladesh they don’t have many recourses so fire is one of there mane ones. I would make it come up and then change the circle to fire for the tip of it to make it more like the cultural one.And for the personal interest, I would make it smaller and add circles around the watermelon to make it cooler because it is not that interesting and abstract with it just round.

My interlocking is pretty accurate. there are some things that don’t interlock like the watermelons don’t interlock that well and some of the triangles but from afar it looks fine.I do think my patterns create new shapes because the watermelons make a four-leaf clover shape and the triangles create a diamond everything else doesn’t interlock. For the color plan, I chose these colors because it reminds me of Christmas and when I made the print it was Christmas and my family LOVES Christmas so I chose those colors.The colors do unify MR.Reed checked with me they are definitely not random.

Tech Days!

First, I did Pin whole photography.And we had to use the paint can to take a picture, I had to wait for while until the light of the sun let the print of the photo appear I didn’t have to do another one because I didn’t have enough time but if we did I would put the lid of my can on lighter so it wouldn’t be easier to take off.

Second, I did the Paper Crafts. I had to go to a website and print out the person and make them 3D we had to cut it out and stick it together.some people couldn’t do it because it was too hard so they put tape on the outside instead of gluing.

ART Unit 1 Reflection

1.I learned how to draw realistically by learning how to shade use value also contrast and gradation it helped me a lot to make my self-portrait look very realistic and threw out this year. I have been told multiple times the same thing and it is LOOK AT A PICTURE!!!! I need to look at the picture because it helps you to make your drawing look very realistic and that you cant just imagine what it looks like you need to really look at a photo so it looks really good. Also, I learned that you need to ask others the help you and tell you really good feedback maybe even better than Mr. Reed.

2.To make my drawing even better than it is I would work on my mouth. Because of mouths, in my opinion, are really hard I just can’t get the shape of it right and I cant make it look 3D I think it is because I don’t you’s enough value and graduation. But that’s what I think it might not be it and the second thing I would change is I would work on my hair (including eyebrows) because I have curly hair and it is really hard for me to draw curly hair I mean you need everything to be in the perfect spot at least I think and that is really hard.

3.I would choose communicator for one of my words because I talked to a lot of people to see what I could fix like my highlights my mouth and a lot more. I also talked to other kids while I was drawing to pass the time which helped my drawing because the feedback told me what to change to make it better than before. And my second word is tolerance. I was tolerant because I went to ask Mr. Reed 10 times on what I needed to change and it would always be something like my mouth or chin. And that really made me mad because it took me so long to fix it but every time I took their feedback. And got over it and changed what the mistake was and asked someone else on what I needed to change.

ATL Brain Storm

I learned ATL’s means approaches to learning  and there are  five main things that are used in ATL’s like research, self management, social skills, thinking and communicating .We watched many different videos of grade 7 to 9 and then we made a brain frame of what ATL skills they used and it was really fun to rite down many things that we learned and I am looking forward to doing it next year.