June 1

Art Unit 2 Reflection

I think I did very well because I have learned more about negative  space and positive space. I am also proud of my motif and also what the shape was and I think it looks cool. The lines were unique because I think I made the line thick so that it it easier to carve. I  My cultural influence was one thing I did well because it was something I was really passionate about. The solutions and ideas I was proud of are interlocking because when I interlock sometimes I may not know how to do it but then I will try to find a solution. The way I could improve on my Cultural Influence is I could be more specific on what I am really passionate about it. To improve my personal interest I could tell about how does this affect my life and how would it also change my life.

I think my interlocking is accurate but there is still a lot of improvement to be made. I think it is accurate because the end parts interlocks well together. My interlocking creates different shapes like circles and triangles. The pattern I choose involved Manchester United and Malaysia because I have lived in Malaysia also I was born there and my family lives there. I choose Manchester United because it is my favourite team and have been supporting it since day one. I choose red because it is my favourite colour and it means a lot to me. I choose black because black and red matched together and for me it looked very good. I choose the colours cause I thought they meant something to me.


May 22

Art Unit 1 Reflection

I have improved on my self-portrait since class one because I believed in myself that I can do it than I did it but the improvements were adding shadows and highlights because it makes it look more realistic. Also it had more value and gradation so that my self-portrait has a variety of the gradations. For example, we did a graduation and value scale. Blending stump also really helps because if you have a line you can use a blending stump and it will go away. When I practised more it came better and the open studio really helped because if I am behind in class it would help. The open studio also helped me to be more focus because in class I talk a lot and I do not focus so when I am in open studio I have better self-management skills and I was way more concentrated so I could get more work done. It helped me by collaborating with others so that they can help me with what I can improve on and what I made a mistake on also they helped me with. An example like is my nose, eye, mouth in the right shape and place. My portrait has contrast in it because it has different colours from light values and dark. For example, I learned it from the definitions and Mr Reed showed us an oval of limited values and a circle with all the values.

The two things how I could do better will be that to make the self – portrait more realistic is that actually looks like how the picture I took. Also, make sure I have many different values and gradation from the light colour to the darkest colour. To make it better and realistic I would make it 3 dimensional so that it looks better and cooler. To make my lines on my portrait not be seen so that I could use a blending stump to make all the lines go away. The other thing that I would do better on is to make sure my shadows and highlights match the photo. For example, if the shadow is so dark I want to make sure that it is same, not close enough same for highlights as well I want to match the lightest highlights with the picture. Also, shadows and highlights will have many values because shadows will have more of the darker values. The highlights will have more of the lighter values or gradation that would help to shift the colors around.

The two things that described my learning for this unit is being a communicator and committed to my work. For communicating, I have learned that to communicate with my classmates to ask them what could I improve on my drawing or when they ask me I give good feedback to them that could help them make their drawings better. I am committed to my work because even though I have not finished my work, the open studio really helps me because I do not get distracted so I can finish work that I have not done or I am behind. One day I asked Oliver B for what I can improve on my drawing and he said I could make it darker for my hair. Another thing he helped me on was gradation to have a variety of colours so that it looks more realistic.


November 14

Tech Day

Technology means to solve problems. Today we did mashup remix which was combining things together and it will sound different. Also, I did paper crafts which were very fun because I found cool because you get to make whatever with the paper. Technology is always not using devices because it is easier but sometimes you can also do crafts.

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September 12

ATL Skills

Today in the canteen with Mr Broughton and with Ms Clifford we watched videos in small groups. Also, see how do their videos apply to this ATL skills This is my ATL skills and one of the skills are social because we collaborate together, thinking because we have to think critically, for self-managements because I need to organize my materials. The others are research because so that we can get more information, for communication we will have to communicate in a clear voice.

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