June 1

Art Unit 2 Reflection

I think I did very well because I have learned more about negativeĀ  space and positive space. I am also proud of my motif and also what the shape was and I think it looks cool. The lines were unique because I think I made the line thick so that it it easier to carve. IĀ  My cultural influence was one thing I did well because it was something I was really passionate about. The solutions and ideas I was proud of are interlocking because when I interlock sometimes I may not know how to do it but then I will try to find a solution. The way I could improve on my Cultural Influence is I could be more specific on what I am really passionate about it. To improve my personal interest I could tell about how does this affect my life and how would it also change my life.

I think my interlocking is accurate but there is still a lot of improvement to be made. I think it is accurate because the end parts interlocks well together. My interlocking creates different shapes like circles and triangles. The pattern I choose involved Manchester United and Malaysia because I have lived in Malaysia also I was born there and my family lives there. I choose Manchester United because it is my favourite team and have been supporting it since day one. I choose red because it is my favourite colour and it means a lot to me. I choose black because black and red matched together and for me it looked very good. I choose the colours cause I thought they meant something to me.


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