Art Unit 2 Reflection

Paragraph 1

What I did well this semester is, interlocking my motif and using my time efficiently. For example, I tried to make as many things on my motif interlock by putting things on the sides and the corners. I also measured carefully when making it so that it interlocks perfectly. For using my time efficiently, I tried to stay focused by not talking to my friends about things that were not about art class. The ideas and solutions I am proud of are my circular flags on my motif because it makes that design look more creative. I can improve my Cultural Influence by not just making them flags of my own culture but also from other cultures. I can improve my Personal Interest by making the soccer ball smaller because the other flags are smaller than the soccer ball and it makes them look less important.

Paragraph 2

My interlocking is mostly all accurate because I measured the ends of the parts that interlock carefully so that it looks perfectly interlocking when I print it. Yes because my Australian flag has different parts on each side. I chose these colours because they are my favourite colours and I also chose it because I chose one pair of colours that are complementary colours and one pair of analogous colours. They are unified because I tried to also make a pattern with the colours. I have one type of colour in the middle and the corners and another type of colour on the sides.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1

In my first drawing, it did not look 3D because I did not have any shadows and it was all highlights. For example, there were no lines and shadows on the mouth so it did not look like a real mouth. But in the class 13 portrait, we learned how to use lots of values and gradation so it made it easier to make the shadows and highlights. I also did not have good proportion for the nose and the mouth because there was a big gap between them, but in my class 13 portrait, I had good proportion since we used the gird on the photo and the portrait paper. I also communicated with classmates when I was doing the class 13 portrait and I asked about the size, shape, and place of the portrait to make sure that I was on track and that I was doing good to make my portrait look realistic and 3D.

Question 2

If I could change two things about my portrait, I would make sure to fix the mistakes I made in the portrait to make it better and the things I would change are these: I would change my hair and make it more flat and straight because it was hard to make my hair look like the hair on the portrait and to make it look realistic. I think I would come to open studio a little more because if I came to open studio, I could have a little more time drawing each facial feature and I could also do more shadows to make it look even more like me and realistic.

Question 3

The two best learning words for me as an artist this unit, are communicator and risk-taker. I chose communicator because I asked my classmates about advice on my portrait and I also gave advice to classmates about there portraits. For example, when I was doing my shadows, I asked a classmate for advice and they told me where I needed to make darker and also when I was asked for advice on someone’s highlights, I showed them the part on their portrait that needed to be lighter. The reason I chose risk-taker is that Mr Reed was telling everyone to not be afraid of making parts really dark or really light. For example, when I was doing my shadows, I tried making one of the parts a little darker than the other parts and it made the portrait look more 3D and realistic.

My Final Portrait:


Tech Days

Technology is about solving problems. Today in Tech days I solved problems in Stop-motion Animation and Bridge Testing.

In Stop-motion Animation, we solved problems because when we were using clay, it got all over our hands and the clay was hard to use so we started to use the whiteboard and draw instead of using the clay.

In Bridge Testing, we were planning to make a 3D bridge but we did not have enough time at the end so we just made a flat bridge by stacking the parts of the bridge together.

ATL Skills

Today, with Mr Broughton and Ms Clifford we learnt more about ATL skills and we also watched videos that grade 7,8, and 9 kids made. We learnt a lot about all the ATL skills from the videos, for example controlling your emotions.