Art Unit 2 Reflection

Paragraph 1

What I did well this semester is, interlocking my motif and using my time efficiently. For example, I tried to make as many things on my motif interlock by putting things on the sides and the corners. I also measured carefully when making it so that it interlocks perfectly. For using my time efficiently, I tried to stay focused by not talking to my friends about things that were not about art class. The ideas and solutions I am proud of are my circular flags on my motif because it makes that design look more creative. I can improve my Cultural Influence by not just making them flags of my own culture but also from other cultures. I can improve my Personal Interest by making the soccer ball smaller because the other flags are smaller than the soccer ball and it makes them look less important.

Paragraph 2

My interlocking is mostly all accurate because I measured the ends of the parts that interlock carefully so that it looks perfectly interlocking when I print it. Yes because my Australian flag has different parts on each side. I chose these colours because they are my favourite colours and I also chose it because I chose one pair of colours that are complementary colours and one pair of analogous colours. They are unified because I tried to also make a pattern with the colours. I have one type of colour in the middle and the corners and another type of colour on the sides.