Art Reflection Unit 2

In art, we did printmaking so we had to design a pattern then carve it during the time to make it there where easy steps and hard ones.I remember I did very well on the first steps of the projected on creating the design so we had to find 5 cultural pictures from different places around the world, create a design that had a cultural influence, something you like and creative thinking for me that stage was really fun. I am proud of my print and how good it looked and how good I did when carving. One of the things I’ve would like to change is too put more cultural influences in it because there wasn’t that much of it I think I would put more detail in like something to pop out more.Another one is that when I was printing it kinda got smudged so when I pulled it out carefully it wasn’t right.

My interlocking accuracy was about 95% because there was one millimeter of difference but only if you look really closely you can tell.Well, when I interlocked my print it surprised me because I didn’t know it would create all these shapes so yes the shapes that it created was surprising.I choose these colors for my design because it was what described the print most and the one it would most combine with, they symbolize mature but also childish. So before we print we had to do a color plan to see what colors we need my color plan was unified it was organized to be a sure way so the colors wouldn’t stay in only one line but spread out.

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