En la Casa de Mi Abuelos Tienes…

    En la casa de mi abuelos maternos tienes ocho habitaciones.Tienen tres dormitorios, dos cuartos tienes una cama dos mesa de noite, un armario, un televisor y un baño. Al salir de las habitaciones se ve un habitaciones de televisión tienes un sofá, un piano, un tapete y una mesa.Al salir se ve un pasillo para entrar en el comedor, el comedor tienes una mesa y mut sillas.Al lado de lo comedor tiene la cocina en la cocina tienes un refrigerador, dos gabinete. Al salir se ve el salón tienes una mesa de centro, dos sofá y tres sillas. Al lado do salon tines la entrada.

Art Reflection Unit 2

In art, we did printmaking so we had to design a pattern then carve it during the time to make it there where easy steps and hard ones.I remember I did very well on the first steps of the projected on creating the design so we had to find 5 cultural pictures from different places around the world, create a design that had a cultural influence, something you like and creative thinking for me that stage was really fun. I am proud of my print and how good it looked and how good I did when carving. One of the things I’ve would like to change is too put more cultural influences in it because there wasn’t that much of it I think I would put more detail in like something to pop out more.Another one is that when I was printing it kinda got smudged so when I pulled it out carefully it wasn’t right.

My interlocking accuracy was about 95% because there was one millimeter of difference but only if you look really closely you can tell.Well, when I interlocked my print it surprised me because I didn’t know it would create all these shapes so yes the shapes that it created was surprising.I choose these colors for my design because it was what described the print most and the one it would most combine with, they symbolize mature but also childish. So before we print we had to do a color plan to see what colors we need my color plan was unified it was organized to be a sure way so the colors wouldn’t stay in only one line but spread out.

Tech Days!

Today I was given a hard task to build a structure that could hold 10 laptops the, catch was that it had to be free standing with legs. The challenge in my group was that we had a design, but later on we changed it to something less sustainable so by the end other groups had better structures than us and our just fell into pieces. A good thing was that we made new friends and had good team work.

For my second task I was doing “Pin Hole Photograph” The way we did it was we had a paint, can with a tiny hole in it with two magnets one to cover it up and the other to hold the paper in place, we also was given a photo paper that is very sensitive to light. When we had everything set up we went outside, and toke the photos then we had to put them in chemicals to show the photo. On my first one it was blurry my second, was more successful thats because my first one very wind second not so much.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

How Did your Learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

On my first drawing there are no shadows every thing looks 2-D and there were no highlights. Then we started doing some practice for are self-portrait first we did a value scale to see the different shades you can do with a pencil. Then we did a gradation scale to learn how, to make one shade darker to a shade lighter with out a barrier to do this we needed a blending stump that helped us a lot in other activities but I will get to that later. After that we needed to start practicing our eyes, nose, mouth which is what we did, for this we needed to understand how to do value and how to do gradation, because we needed to make it look 3-D. With all that information and practice we started with knowing all the things we need to make our self portrait.

What 2 other things would you do differently to make your drawing even more better?

I would make my smile and mouth more realistic because when I do my mouth I usually and in my drawing I make it pointy or really bumpy and also it doesn’t really look realistic. I could make it less pointy/bumpy and make the mouth line less noticeable and make it on not two far away from the nose but not to close. i would also do more shadows so it would b more realistic, and also make them darker, but the problem is that I am scared I will make it to dark so I make shadows lightly so thats what I want to improve in my drawing.

Which 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit?

The two learning words that best describes me is open-minded and respect. Open-minded because when I was asking what I could improve I was open-minded to what everyone was saying and what the teacher was saying, and all those suggestions help when I was fixing what i needed. Respect because I was using respect when I needed to help other to do suggestions for them and I used this when I needed to listen.I was also helped people who needed and who ask me,  I always payed attention to the class and who was speaking and followed all the directions.



Living with Laptops!

The reason we had Living with laptops is because we needed to know how to live with them and not do homework because you were watching videos or not paying attention in class because you were on the laptop. My favorite thing we did was the hunt witch is that the teachers locked up the computers with three locks (one for every class)  and all the classes had a box with a lock but the thing is to unlock these we had to figure out riddles and what they meant, our first clue was in spanish and I was the only one with there spanish book so ha! anyway once we found the answer and the key we open the box that had a little box inside with 6 LOCKS this time. Each group had a poem to break the eventually we unlock the computers. One thing I learned in these 2 days was more about the ATLS and what it really means with computers and the danger of being on the computer a lot.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed bye!