Living with Laptops!

The reason we had Living with laptops is because we needed to know how to live with them and not do homework because you were watching videos or not paying attention in class because you were on the laptop. My favorite thing we did was the hunt witch is that the teachers locked up the computers with three locks (one for every class)  and all the classes had a box with a lock but the thing is to unlock these we had to figure out riddles and what they meant, our first clue was in spanish and I was the only one with there spanish book so ha! anyway once we found the answer and the key we open the box that had a little box inside with 6 LOCKS this time. Each group had a poem to break the eventually we unlock the computers. One thing I learned in these 2 days was more about the ATLS and what it really means with computers and the danger of being on the computer a lot.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed bye!