Tech Days!

Today I was given a hard task to build a structure that could hold 10 laptops the, catch was that it had to be free standing with legs. The challenge in my group was that we had a design, but later on we changed it to something less sustainable so by the end other groups had better structures than us and our just fell into pieces. A good thing was that we made new friends and had good team work.

For my second task I was doing “Pin Hole Photograph” The way we did it was we had a paint, can with a tiny hole in it with two magnets one to cover it up and the other to hold the paper in place, we also was given a photo paper that is very sensitive to light. When we had everything set up we went outside, and toke the photos then we had to put them in chemicals to show the photo. On my first one it was blurry my second, was more successful thats because my first one very wind second not so much.