Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think I did well on creating a balanced motif. I was very quick on bringing in ideas and my personal interests together although I had some problems while creating my final design. For example, when I drew wavy lines and the problem was that it was very hard to make my motif interlocking. To solve that problem, I used a ruler to measure the length of the wavy lines and I also used a tool that I have never used or seen before, called the French curve. The french curve is actually used for drawing 1 big curved but I used it for making the wavy lines and I think I was being creative. I think I could improve my cultural influence idea because the hydrangea is Japanese but there are more flowers of things that could represent my country. For my Personal interest idea, what I chose wasn’t the best things to choose because I’m sure I had a better idea. Although, I really like my final motif.

I haven’t printed my motif to the paper yet but I don’t know if my motif would be completely interlocking because I messed up on carving.  But if the carving did work, I think it would make a new shape with the two wavy lines I drew. I am planning to use cool colors for my printing because my favorite colors are cool and I think my motif has a lot of round lines and shapes so a cool color would fit more for my motif than a warm color. I am also thinking about adding a little bit of warm color so my motif would be more attractive and also interesting.

Unit1 Final Reflection


My learning has helped me improve my portrait because now I know how to draw with the blending stump. Before the unit started, I had never experienced to draw with the blending stump. The pencil was the only thing I was using for drawing, and when I was drawing my self-portrait the first time, it was not realistic at all especially my eyes. That was because I only using one pencil and I was drawing hard and dark lines. This made it so cartoony and not realistic. I learned new vocabulary that you need for drawing a self-portrait like gradiation, value, contrast etc. The blending stump helped me make these and now my self-portrait looks more 3D and it has a lot more shadows.

I would work on being concentrated and be more focused so I won’t make a mistake in my drawing. When I was drawing my mouth and my teeth and my eyes, I kept making a mistake. The mistake that I mad was making me erase a lot so it made the paper look messy and I also think I wasted a lot of times. I would like to work more communicating with my class/table mates more next time because asking and getting help from a friends were very very helpful.

I think one of the words that could describe me is “confidence” because I was really comfortable and confident with my self-portrait and I love it. When I saw my black and white picture, I was really worried that my drawing would not be really good but I started being really confident when I was drawing my shadows. I was really happy that it was starting to get realistic and I think it was going well than I thought. I think I was also open-minded when my classmates gave me advice and I respected it.

Tech Day 2017 (Sara and Emma)

The first class I had was “Remix/mash up”. We get to copy and steel ART: Music, images etc.  I made a mash up of Disney songs and Emma put 4 images together and created a who new image. We both created a whole new creation.  1 problem that I had was making the music go smoothly. 1 of Emma’s problem was, finding a good photo animation app.The second class was “Paper crafts”. We chose a character. we both chose a puppy cat . and I don’t think we had any problems.