I did pretty well on my final pattern because I arranged the order of my prints carefully, and the ink is spread evenly on all the prints because there are no red spaces in my pattern. I chose the Chinese wave pattern called  “Kinahoshi” because I wanted to make my final project interlock very well and it does interlock. I tried every other cultural influence but it didn’t make it interlock, for example; 🕉the Om symbol, ☮️the Symbol of Peace and ☯️the  Chinese Yin Yang symbol because it is not symmetrical. I’m really proud of my lightning bolt or the symbol of The Flash because it is so perfect. It looks like the real symbol of The Flash. I like The Flash because he is all formed by abstract science for example; Spiderman technically is a spider which is, impossible. My weaknesses were, that my personal interest is really big in my pattern but my cultural influence kind of hides near the corner. I could put my cultural influence and personal interest on the border and my creative thinking in the middle and I can transfer my draw on graph paper to my plate carefully so I don’t leave any shapes.

Interlocking and color unity

My interlocking is off by some millimeters because I messed up while carving for example; my wave pattern is sometimes fat, sometimes thin and, I carved through the lightning bolt. The wave pattern all together makes another motif, which is from Native North America but, the Native North American motif is no longer found in the country. The colors I chose are analogous that
means they similar or alike. I chose red paper and yellow (red and yellow are primary colors), yellow-orange (a tertiary color), white ink because they go well together so, this results in a united pattern.


Unit one reflection blogpost

How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistic?

The gradation and the value scale made the drawing more realistic because the gradation helps me make highlights and shadows which make the drawing more realistic and if you draw with 1 value the portrait looks like it has no shadows or highlights it looks 2 D for example, when we did our eyes, nose and mouth study without the dark and light parts or shadows and highlights the picture looks 2 D but with them, the picture looks 3  D.

What two things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

The 2 I will make better are the shape and the contrast because without the correct shape my drawing will look weird for example while I was doing my eyes it wasn’t the correct shape and have the same contrast will make it look a two-dimensional portrait, for example, the pictures that Mr.Reed  showed us that of last sixth grade.

Which two learning words best describe you as an artist in this unit?

Inquirer, Confidence. Inquirer because without asking I would not know my mistake. For example, I asked Mr. Reed so many times I  got to know my mistakes that I couldn’t notice.Confidence because I was scared that I won’t get a good grade, for example, I thought could not draw so good but after learning and practicing the gradation scale, I was able to draw my portrait 3d.