Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

Hello, Im going to be talking about my art unit 2 motif/pattern.

I like my pattern, and one of the things i’m most proud of is my cultural influence, or my ancient Egyptian motif. I really think that it’s a beautiful motif, and creates a nice interlocking pattern because it is in the top right and left and bottom right and left.     I think I did well with my personal interest, as it shows my past in a small image that I think fits well with the rest of the motif.       While I really do like the cultural influence, i’m not sure if I like that the circles dont interlock, as i’m not sure they will look perfect when put together, i maybe should have used some tool that could recreate the circle halves exactly, This was really hard to do as when I was drawing it was almost impossible to transfer the same exact circle half to the other side, even though I measured and used a ruler.                                                                                                                                                                                           I like my personal interest, but if I had to improve it i might make the trees all the same size, as that may look nicer, I maybe should’ve made it more centralized and symmetrical, to make the entire thing look more balanced.

I think my pattern interlocks quite well, the circles may not be perfect but they still interlock, and my pattern interlocks nicely on the sides.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In my pattern, interlocking definitely creates new shapes, taking the four corners of the shape makes the ancient Egyptian pattern, and taking both sides makes the key-like pattern.                                                                                                                                     I chose dark blue and the turquoise  because they fit well with nature, turquoise for the ground and water mixed and blue for water, and both of those are a large part of the Finnish lifestyle, and therefore, a large part of my identity.                                              I do think I have color unity, as I made the colors repeat and work together and I like how it looks.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1:

I feel that I managed to improve my drawing significantly, firstly with correct proportion and shape. If you look at my first self portrait, my eyes look very weird, and even though they are in the correct place the eye shape and size are wrong, same with the mouth and nose. If you look at them on my currents self portrait, however, my eyes, nose, and mouth have the correct size and shape, and it catches my expression better, instead of just a fully blank stare forward. I also learned a lot about highlights and shadows, and through quite a bit of practice through the eyes nose mouth study, I  managed to draw quite realistic highlights, and you can see in my eyes nose mouth study that I also know how to use shadows quite well. Highlights and shadows are essential when making a realistic self portrait, and help the drawing look a lot more 3D and realistic. I learned a lot of this through trial and error, drawing something, then erasing the bad parts. Drawing everything I erased, and then more. It also helped a lot to constantly be thinking about it, at home, school, and before school, every time with a different mindset. I worked really hard on it and that’s really the only way to get better at drawing.

Question 2:

I think I would draw much more realistic shapes, which would help as in my first drawing they look very alien, with no eyelids and very wide eyes, and overall shapes that look nothing like my face, or anyone’s. The other thing that I would do is add shadows, I would also like to add highlights but I think shadows are a bit more important. Shadows help a lot, making it look a lot more realistic and 3D, but you do need to communicate with others to have them check it and give you compliments and suggestions for the shadows to look good, and to make sure they’re the correct value compared to the other shadows, and that there’s shadows everywhere there should be. But overall they make the drawing look a lot better, and correct gradation between the shadows makes it look really good, and thats why I chose Gradation and Correct Shapes.

Question 3:

I think that throughout this unit I have been balanced and confident.

I worked really hard throughout this unit, and before this I had never really drawn. It was really difficult, and I think I was balanced by stretching my work, doing it in open studio, during class, and at home. I’ve also been very confident, and no matter how long it took me to finish whatever I was working on, I felt confident that I could finish. A good example of this was when I was working on my eyes nose mouth study, I stretched my work across the day and no matter how many times I messed something up or didn’t think it looked good, I stayed confident that I could make it look really good and make it look better.

Tech day

Technology Is solving a problem.

Today we had tech day, I started off the day with some robotics, building a robot out of lego and controlling it to make it play hocker, after that i had truss bridge building, in which i had to build a bridge that would support as many old computers as possible. I managed to support 2. I had lots of fun today and wished we had more tech days!