Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

Paragraph 1
1) I think I choose my design on the motif very well. I think the motif design represents me well because it is very simple but says a lot about me and what I like.
2) I am not that proud of the ideas because in the corners even doe it is a volleyball design it looks like strips.
1) I could have improved my cultural influence by adding more Japanese patterns. For example to add the seigaiha (wave) on the sides so it will interlock with each other. I would of have added this because my grampa makes paintings, pottering and motifs. In one motif he put the seigaiha on it and it looked really pretty when he transferred it on the paper so I would want to add that if I had another chance. Another example is to add the sakura on the top because I think that flower represents Japan and my emotions, happy and playful.
2) I could have improved my personal interest idea by adding computer technology because I love and am interested to make games and program. That is part of who I am because I program 2 times a week and I would like to use my creative thinking to somehow make that a design.
Paragraph 2
1) I think my interlocking was not very good on the corners because I did not measure them to be the same but I think the middle pattern is going to interlock because these are right in the middle and I drew another half circle to check if it interlocks and it did so I think the middle design was good.
2) My interlocking does create some new shapes. One is on the side of the design when it interlocks makes a circle, I made sure that happened by measuring it with a ruler. Another shape I think it makes is a diamond shaped pattern on the corners, I am not too sure of this but I expect it is.
Colour Unity
1) I choose 5 black backgrounds and a red design and then 4 red backgrounds and a black design. I choose that because it goes with each other so nicely and it looks very cool. Also, I choose these colours because it is going to be easier to ink, print and clean.
2) My colour plan is unified because I think it looks better and neater then for example just random colours.

This is my final motif:

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1:
My learning helped me use the blending stump to blend the harsh line so it graduates into the different values. I also learned how to make it more three-dimensional by using shadows and highlights. Another thing I learned and now understand is the contrast between the different shades. When I was first starting I was super confused on how to make it look three-dimensions and not like a silly cartoon. Now that I learned more about values and shadows I know that the different skills, values, shadows and highlights I know why it looks more realistic. Another thing I learned during this unit, I learned about myself in that I take time drawing and that’s normal. Other people take shorter times so everyone is different. One of the last things I learned was the new vocabulary like contrast, value, proportions, gradation representation and interpretation.

Question 2:
If I had the chance to re-draw my self-portrait I will use more values, communicate and collaborate with others. I made a mistake of not communicating with my classmates because a problem is my head looks a little wrong and it would be hard to draw my head shape again and erase everything because then all my values, highlights, shadows and others would not be in proportion. The other thing I would do if I had a chance to re-draw my self-portrait is using more values because it doesn’t look so realistic if it’s just some values.

Question 3:
I would choose principled and respect. I chose respect because when I made comments on them I was trying to not be mean and respect the work they did because I understand that it is very hard to make it realistic. I chose principled because when I was with my friends I was always talking and distracted so that made me behind with the drawing. When the seats changed I was still communicating and collaboration but I still did my work and didn’t get distracted.

This is my self-portrait:

Tech Day

Technology is about solving problems. Today I learned about pinhole photography, its where you can take a picture with a jar or box, films and some chemicals. (Mostly water) Some problems for that was the magnet was covering the picture but I fix it by withing “Tech Day”

ATL Skills

Today we learned about ATL Skills by looking at videos that the Grade 7,8, and 9 made. The videos were all good and very creative. One thing that I learned from the video was: You can organise stuff like activities or mail on veracross. After we watched two then we brainstormed some of the ATL skills.

This is a picture of the brainstorm: