Unit 2 Art Refl.

Maybe because I was too ambitious at my design, I put many ideas and shapes into the final carving block. To make them all fit into the small plate, I did some creative thinking and made the same shape consist of both negative and positive areas. For example, you might see the wolf has its head cut off. In actuality, that is supposed to be the third frill. Some other places I think I could have done better. For example, the top and bottom  peci symbol is too detailed and hard to carve.

I believe the amount of interlocking factors in this motif is great enough. There are the stars wanted showing clearly on the plate, the 12 whole peci symbols I wanted. Plus, the chain of Dacian wolf-snakes looks quite good. Although the balance between the negative and positive space is not that even, I have managed to squeeze in many cultural and personal influence symbols inside. I did not use the analogous or complementary colors. I simply wanted a juxtaposition, so in order to achieve that, I put dull colors on the outside, and bright colors on the inside. Overall, it looked better than I expected.

Tech Days 2017

Today was Tech day, and we started off the day by learning what Technology is. Mr Broughton taught us that it means to innovate to solve problems. The first session I had was paper Crafts. The 9th grade tutors introduced a website called cubeecraft, from which we downloaded character nets which we cut up and constructed. I made a Grrnade.

Next, I went to Remix & Mashups by Ms. Madrid. This was the best so far. You can do anything, from drawing to songwriting. I made a stopmotion video + Blackout Poetry using a Jules Verne “Journey to the Center of the Earth” book. Here is the link.

Unit 1 Reflection

Q 1:   How did my learning help me improve and learn to draw more realistically?

Now when I look back at my picture, I feel very glad that I have improved my skills of drawing. More specifically, I have learned to use the blending stump to make shadows, which in their way make the drawing more realistic, representational, and 3D. This, I think is influenced by the fact that we all practiced a lot, during which we all collaborated and organized our time and space. I think the fact that we practiced making the Eyes-Nose-Mouth practice helped me in the Size-Shape-Place. I was a rewarding time.

Q 2:     What 2 things would I do differently to make my drawings even better?

I think I need to improve my focus and concentrations because sometimes I get off track and I need to rush at the end of the deadline. The biggest thing I think I would do better to improve my self-portrait next time is to plan ahead in time and think of the details I need to do and make it so that there is less trouble later in the process.

Q 3:          The process of artisitic creation can lead to self-discovery
                              Creativity & Independence

First, I think Creativity describes me in this drawing project because I tried to finish my project many different ways. For example, I think I did a different facial expression to everyone else, which made my drawing different.

Independence describes me best because I like to do things on my own, and I tried to make my project very mine. For example, I tried a technique for the hair that no-one told me to do.

Living with LAPTOP Days

This is me always being on the laptop and who will have physical and psychological issues. In the past 2 days, we learned that we should not end up in this condition. Apart from that, we also learned all about the necessary websites like the Blog, Veracross and gMail which we will use all throughout school. LucaT