Unit 2 final reflection


  STRENGTHS In unit 2 making the ukiyo-e, I think I did well on creative thinking, concentrating but having fun at same time. And for my proud ideas are when we were to make our own design, I couldn’t choose what to put but when it was for creative thinking, I thought of my name which is “Harumi” and in Japanese (kanji) it is “春美”. Because the first letter “春”(Haru) means spring and Sakura (cherry blossom) was representing my name and also the culture, Japan. I think this is the proudest part if my work.

WEAKNESS For my cultural influence, I’m pretty fine with it but maybe I could have added some more things that are representing Japan. If I was to add more of Japan culture, I could’ve had Mount Fuji or Japan flag in it. But at the same time I thought if I do Japan flag or Mount Fuji, the ideas might be same as some people who are doing Japan for their culture. But some other weakness, something that I thought I could’ve done was to measure correctly. I did not measure it quite good on the design motif parts so when I was starting to transfer on the plate and started caving, I noticed it.

For my Personal interest, I tried my best thinking of what I am interested in. But at this moment I am not into something specifically except dance so that is why I mainly added dance and where I take dance videos which are “musical.ly”. Maybe one day if I have another interest one day I would want to add it in.

My interlock is pretty accurate but it just makes a square with stripes. There is not much BIG meaning to it but because my hobby is to dance, and when I dance I wear Adidas shoes and because there is a little stripe pattern, I added that for my interlocking for sides. And my interlocking design makes and square on edges and makes a connecting cherry blossom and musical.ly.

For color unity, I choose black and white for my motif and I was planning to make it with more color but for example, if I had too many different colors, it wouldn’t have color unity and it will take time on the printing. They don’t symbolize many things but I wanted to make it simple so I used black and white.

My colors are random I guess, cause my design was originally has a lot of colors so I thought I will just make it with a random and simple color as I can.



Art Unit 1 Reflection

Q1, How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

When I first started to draw my self-portrait in class one, I thought it would be easy but it was harder than I thought. But as I start learning how to use the tools, making shadows, highlights, values, I was starting to enjoy this unit. We also learned to get and give advice to people. And all through the lessons, more suggestions and advice for your friend was coming up to my mind. The biggest thing I think I have learned was to make a value and more shadows and highlights which makes graduation when you use blending stems and blend it. By doing this it made the portrait more three-dimensional and realistic. And also Art wiki was a big help for me (and for all of us) because it had all tutorials so the parts of the faces were in better shapes. And at the same time, the grid line helped to know the places of your face parts, all specific things you might not notice without it. Practicing eyes, nose, mouth was also a good thing to do before we start the actual self-portrait. I could tell there is a lot of differences in my first portrait and the final one. And the helpful thing we did was all the suggestions and advice we get because if we don’t it might have been a bad one. For example, what I noticed was that the way you look from above the portrait and when your friends hold it up, it looks very different.

Q2, What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

If I was to add something to make my drawing even better, I will work a bit more on values and contrast of dark sides and the bright sides. Also, I would want to think of what I did badly this time. And if I was to start over this work, I feel like it would be a better result because we now all know the steps and ways. This time my drawing was a first bit light and didn’t have much contrast and gradations and stuff so about in class 9 I was starting to think really deeply about what I should change and what is wrong. Maybe I would use value paper thing to make the color more like the pictures.

Q3, which 2 learning words best describe you as an artistic creation can lead to self-discovery?

In this art unit, I became a better communicator, and thinker mainly. In this work, we really needed the communication with other and think widely of the comment you’re going to say and all the changes you should make in your portrait. Also not just about the comments, you can talk anything about stuff that’s related to this unit. For the thinker, this is related to communication but thinking of the feedback, thinking wisely when we work on quiz, writing, or when you fix the parts when drawing. At first, I feel like I still communicate and thinked well but through all the lessons, I became better and better!

ATL Skills

We have just watched the video that middle, high schooler made about ATL skills and we got to learn about it. There are lots of skills related to ATL skills like social, research, communication, thinking, self-management. We’ve written down the ideas.