Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think I did well on the color pattern for the motif design because I chose the colors that meant something to me, for example, I choose the color purple because my grandmas favorite color was purple and my grandpas favorite color was blue and they both mean a lot to me. I think a solution I am proud of is when my seeds in the watermelon were almost gone and if I printed it like that it may look funny so I made the watermelon have no seeds, an idea I think I am proud of is when I decided for my second design I chose the Japanese flag because I have been living I Japan for a long time and I just love Japan. For my Cultural influence, I think I could’ve made it have more detail because I fell like it didn’t have enough of me showing its Japan, for example on the fan I put the Japenese flag in the middle of it and I added some cherry blossom petals but I think I could’ve added a little more detail like adding the waves from Hokusai(but not so detailed). For my Personal interest, I think I could’ve added more design to the watermelons because the shape of the seeds inside of the watermelons where not really the shape of watermelon seed, for example, when I was carving the watermelons the seeds were too small and were hard to carve around and I kept on just carving over them so I just decide to carve all the seeds out, but I feel like I should’ve had like big seeds so it looks more like a watermelon.

I feel like my interlocking isn’t accurate because after I finished printing and cutting the paper with the design so its the right size I started to notice it doesn’t interlock at all, for example, the watermelons on the corners of the design were supposed to be the ones that made it interlocking but they were either too small or too big that they wouldn’t connect beautifully but I think is because I didn’t measure it right, draw it right, or didn’t add enough ink on the corners before transferring/printing the plate onto the paper. I think my after printing and gluing the papers with the print on it that they don’t make any really new shapes partly because they don’t interlock but if they did they would make a circle because of the watermelons but I did notice that the thick line on both sides of the flag that they interlock and make a nice line. I chose those because they are my favorite colors and because my grandmas favorite color was purple, my grandpas favorite color was blue and they both mean a lot to me and it helps me remember them so I won’t forget them. They don’t really symbolize anything just only about my grandparents. I think my colors are unified because it’s not polychromatic because the colors I chose were kinda analogous colors they are not random because I didn’t choose many colors that weren’t unified.


Technology is about solving problems. Today I learned how to make a pinhole camera and how to take a picture using the camera plus making the picture come out so the picture shows. A problem that I solved was my “camera” was tilting back and forth and shaking and I didn’t notice but when I did I thought my picture would be bad so I held it and after we made the picture turn out it was

The second thing I’ve learned today was how to make remix and mashups with art or songs to make something new and creative and to show others but also give credit to the songs or art that I’ve used for my mashup/remix. The problem I solved was I was trying to put something into a jar but it didn’t work so I decided to use my creativity with Rika and made a reck the notebook.

BY: Kaira Rowen Mary Tanaka

Unit 1 Final Reflection BlogPost

Question 1

 I have learned many new things such as knowing the value of the colors for the different shades, knowing how to do graduation with the other colors(gray and black), I also practiced a lot before drawing to understand and know which value of the color to use and how to make shadows and highlights stand out more from the face and how to contrast between the colors so it looks more realistic instead of a drawing in my past, I learned where the eyes nose and mouth should be placed and also the shaping of the eyes nose and mouth for a more realistic look plus I learned the proportion of the eyes nose and mouth how to make sure that the shaping is right and looks better then it already is.

Question 2

I would make my  self-portrait’s highlights should be  lighter than the none highlighted parts because it makes  the face stands out more, for example, on my left cheek and the left side of my forehead there is a highlight but when I erased to make it look like a highlight it was kinda of contrasting or blending with the none highlighted parts, make the facial features more three dimensional because it gives it more of a realistic face, for example, putting dark and light shadows on the facial features and the background or the hair and face to help keep the people looking at my drawing focus on how it is more realistic and how it is better than it is, also so it looks representational to the picture.

Question 3

I think I was communicator because I didn’t really know how to draw the shape and the positions of the eyes or where to place lines so I tried to do it and it wasn’t pretty but I communicated with my peers asked them for suggestions and I got the eyes nose and mouth way better than I expected for example when I was doing my mouth I realized that I always would just make them look so weird but when I asked someone to help me they told me to practice in my sketchbook and see how to shape them better an I got a good mouth. I think I’m also and confidence in making my  portrait because I didn’t give up and whenever I messed up over and over again I would keep on trying even if it looks a bit wonky from my perspective I think it is just fine as all the others because it is the first time I ever really really used these tips and tricks so I think it is quite impressive for me plus even when I mess up I collaborated with some of my friends and help each other for some few things we should add and a few things that are fine just the way they are for example when I working on my portrait at home I had to problem solve on my own and figure out what needed fixing and what was fine, I did have some help from my mom and dad and  siblings but I mostly figured it all out.  

Living with Laptops

These past 2 days I’ve been learning more about blogging and how to be more independent with my computer, even though it was hard for me for the first hour or two I understood more and more about computers. Here are some few tips for when you get your computer don’t worry if you forget your password to varecross or like Gmail the IT will help but if you forget your password to opening your laptop it might take longer to fix your computer but it will be ok (That happened to me), also a lot of people in the upper grade say it good to charge your computer overnight so that when you bring it to school that it is fully charged and that you can use it most of the day but one of the MOST  important rules  for 4using a laptop is that you should NEVER eat or drink over it.

Thank you for reading! <3

Scincerly, Kaira T.