Tech Day 11/14th/2017

The first class I had “Paper Craft” and I made a figure of a Racoon. I used this site called and I fold the paper, cut the paper and used tape to stick things. I really enjoyed it because the characters were cute. It was also frustrating because I sometimes messed up so I had to print the character and start all over again. Second I did “ReMix and Mash – Up” This was about “Cheat, Copy and Steal like an artist” So it means that we had to steal something from someone, copy them and make a new thing. I pared up with Kaira and I made a note book with cates on it.

ATL Skills

I watched videos all about ATL Skills made by Grade 7 – 9. We watched 2 videos and left a comment what part were good and what part was bad. Then we brain stormed about each ATL Skills. For example “Self – Management” we wrote organization, how to organize, what can we use to organize our selves. Also for Other ATL Skills we wrote what we can do. It was like a advice from the Grade 7 – 9. How we can live our middle school life easier and better.

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Hi my name is Rika. I am Japanese and I live in Yokohama. Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.34.31 AMI am Grade 5 and I am 10 years old. My favorite class is P.E. I go to a school called Y.I.S and I go to this school from Kindergarten. I really enjoy this school and I love this school lunch. It is very yummy and I love the meat sauce pasta the best.


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