Art Unit 1 Reflection

How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

The best way I have improved by drawing realistically is the shapes of the eyes, mouth, and nose. I think the eyes, nose, and mouth study helped me the most with realistic shapes. I think the shading, practice and the value improved my self-portrait a lot. The reason is that on my old self-portrait I drew my face and hair in all the same color and it felt very plain. Because I don’t want a plain looking face I added some different shades of gray making it look more realistic.

If you could draw your self-portrait again what would you differently to make your drawing better?

If I would be able to draw it again, I would make the skin color darker on some spots because I look very pale on my self-portrait. By adding more shades if would make my drawing look very 3D and it would really look like me more. Another thing I would change is that I would use my blending stump more because the transition of colors felt really rough and not smooth at all.

Witch 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit?

The two words that describe me as an artist in the unit the most is cooperative and reflective.

I chose Cooperative because not only me, everyone was open to sharing ideas and to critique others drawings so they could help others improve. An example is when someone told me that my skin color all looked the same and it was very pale.

I also chose reflective because it was reflective everytime someone gave me feedback, so when everyone gave me feedback I thought about what they told me and I tried to improve by developing my artwork. An example is when the student said that my face looked pale, I looked at the values carefully and I added them.

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