Art Unit 2 Reflection

I think I did very well at being creative. It was very hard to carve the cat out because it needed to be really precise. Being precise made it look perfect and it interlocked, making the cat look awesome. Another thing I really liked about my print is that the shapes were perfect and I’m really happy that I used a french curve. The cat on the sides was very hard to make and needed to be perfect for it to interlock. Even if it was interlocking and very hard to make, I really liked it because it is very creative and looks really cool when it interlocks. Another thing I think I did really well is making the design. The Mt.Fuji on the middle of the motif really stands out and looks very traditional. I think I could’ve improved the cultural influence by changing the Mt.Fuji with a Japanese temple because Japanese temples are really beautiful and it really makes me think of Japan. Even it would be harder to carve a Japanese temple on the rubber plate, it would definitely look better. I could improve the personal interest idea by changing the nyanko sensei cat, to a Tokyo Ghoul eye. The Tokyo Ghoul eye is really hard to just draw because of all the likes outside the eye, and it probably would be even harder to carve. Even if it would look really cool, it would be a pain in the gluteus maximus.

My final motif pattern interlocked perfectly on the sides but not really on the top and bottom. The design itself would have interlocked but when I printed my final motif, the triangles on the top and bottom were not really clear making it not look like it is interlocking.  I was really satisfied with the sides interlocking perfectly making the cat actually look like a cat fully. Even if it was very hard to carve it I was really happy with the final print. The interlocking on the sides, top, and bottom made new shapes. The top and bottom triangles I carved turned them into diamonds when I put two motifs next to each other. I wasn’t very happy with the diamond because it was very plain and I wanted something more interesting rather than triangles. But I was the most satisfied with the cat because it was interlocking perfectly, and actually looked like the cat from the anime. The reason I chose the colors on the print is that those colors I used in the print are actually the colors of the forehead on the cat, making it really representative of him. I was planning on a different color scheme but I didn’t do it because it felt like it wasn’t really representing Nyanko Sensei. The colors I chose and glued on was color unified and made a pattern like a checkerboard. I was planning on having the color unity like a bull’s eye (having different colors on the outside and one different in the middle) but I changed it because the cat in the anime (Natsume’s book of friends) his forehead is orange on one side and gray on the other(making it a like a checkboard makes it look like the cat more).

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