Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question Paragraph 1

My drawing had improved a lot through out this unit. I learn to create more highlights by making some of the parts darker or brighter, I learn to use blending stump to mix all the color together to clear the line on the drawing. I also use the lines to put noses and eyes in the right places. All these things help me to make my drawing more three-dimensional and realistic. But most importantly, we had practice draw eyes, nose and mouth before we draw the actual self-portrait. That had help all of us a lot because so we know different useful tricks or experience.

Question Paragraph 2  

If I will do self-portrait again, I will press the blending stump more harder on the drawing so their wound’t be a line between the dark place and the light parts, I will also make the dark place more darker so the shadow will make the face more realistic. I will need to look more at the real picture so I can see the different and know what I will need to improve at.

Question Paragraph 3 

I choose respect and communicator because we need to gave other people comment about how their drawing need to be improve or how their drawing had been better. That makes us become a better communicator. But we also need to make sure that we don’t make bad comments to other people’s drawing so they wound’t think they had done a bad job.