Art unit 2 reflection


I think I did really well on my carving, because my draft of the carving is really detailed, there are a lot of small branches in the center of the carving that I need to be extremely careful while craving, because one single mistake will ruin the print , but luckily, I didn’t make any mistake and so the final print actually turn out pretty well. I am also really proud of the way I show my personal interest: freedom, using wild branches or wines, it may be easy to design it because you don’t need to measure the thickness of every branches or anything, you just need to stretch your imagination and draw it out, but that make the carving harder, the space between different branches can hardly be more than 5 millimeter, when you make mistakes while carving, that makes it harder to cover it up. If there’s another chance that I can make a print again, I will definitely show more of my cultural influence, because on my plate now, there isn’t any trace of my Chinese culture, one main reason of that is because the branches pretty much take most of the space on the plate, and then theres the olive branches, so there’s hardly any space for other symbol or motif.

Paragraph 2

My prints doesn’t really interlock that accurately, if I can print again, I will press the press the paper more carefully so I don’t move the paper, I think that’s what cause the edge to be less accurate. When You put all of my 9 prints together, each four will create a whole olive tree that have more leaves. Olive branches means peace, and my dream is to live in a world where there are no conflict or wars, I think that is the main reason I choose to carve olive branches on my plate. I choose green and red for my color of paper because it’s Christmas when I am printing, to want to celebrate┬áChristmas using my printing, Christmas is really important to me because it not just that you get present but also it’s he end of the year and you think about what you did this year and be ready to face new challenges on the next year.