April 22

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Learning to shade, blend and highlight with new and different tools really improved the way I draw. Before in my Class #1 portrait, I had drawn just lines and it did not look very realistic and three dimensional. I had used just one pencil and a mirror for reference. With my current self-portrait has no lines and has much more contrast than my first self-portrait. With my final drawing, I used 4 types of pencils, an eraser for highlights, a blending stump, gridlines and a photo of me for reference. Each one of my tools helped with creating a better drawing style for me. My pencils really helped with having more values. The lighter pencils, like 2H, helped with sketching my facial features and with the light shadows on my face. The darker pencils, like 6B, helped with my really dark black shadows on the side of my face. The pencils made my drawing have much more value than before. I used two types of erasers, a kneadable eraser, and a normal solid eraser. I used the normal eraser for really light highlights by pressing down hard. I used the kneadable eraser for more dark highlights and light shadows, and consistent highlights, meaning a lot of one value or similar values, by pushing the kneadable eraser on the shadow to pick up some of the graphite. I used the gridlines for proportion. All of those learning tools made me learn to draw with contrast, proportion, and gradation.

If I could do two things different with my drawing I would add more contrast and make it more proportional. I would add more contrast by making my shadows darker and my highlights lighter. My problem is that most of my drawing is grey and does not have many different values. I want to add contrast by creating more values on my drawing and more realism. I would do that by erasing more on the highlights and pressing down harder on my pencils in the shadows. I believe the darker the shadows and the lighter the highlights, the more realistic and 3D the drawing will become. I would make it more proportional by using the grid lines a bit more. My problem is that my jaw is a little off and my chin is not as sharp as it really is. I want to make the drawing really look like me and have the eyes nose and mouth where they’re meant to be. I would do that by using a ruler to measure how far away a certain feature is from the grid lines.

Two learning words that can describe my attitude during this unit would be enthusiastic and communicative. I have been very enthusiastic by always being very excited and working really hard. Every class I work really hard to improve my work and try to keep a smile on my face. I also listen in class attentively, when we aren’t busy drawing, and participate in on class discussions. I do that by expressing my opinions about the topic and my perspectives. I have been communicative by always helping my peers. I help my fellow students by giving them advice and telling them what they could improve and what they have done well.

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