May 30

Unit 2 Art Final Reflection

My project’s strength is how it is very creative. I used creative thinking to create a motif with a detailed background meaning. I had actually begun thinking about my design a week before I even drew it.  I wanted the motif to be influenced by the places I’ve lived in. I eventually remembered henna from India and how when I was three and when I lived there, I always got henna with y sister. We’d get them at parties and at festivals. So I looked at some henna designs and found one I really like. It was so beautiful, with all of its flower petals and flowery designs. And for the personal interest, I thought of all things I’m passionate about and what I wanted in my future. The thing that I was most drawn to was surgery. So I went for a heart monitor, to represent how to want to become a surgeon dealing with cardiology.

My motif, when it interlocks, creates a pattern. Horizontally, it creates the pattern of a heart monitor. And altogether, the corners create a henna circular flower. My interlocking should be accurate because I measured the distances and lengths. I chose to only change the color of the ink on the paper so it looked neater. The background of the motifs are all white and the top row and bottom rows have red ink and the middle row has blue ink. The red ink represents blood because hearts pump blood so it circulates the body. The blue ink represents how my veins look blue. The entire piece will have color unity since the colors aren’t random and nor is the arrangement of the motifs.

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