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Simple yet profound :)

Making udon with Mori san

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Shoichi Sakurai – visiting artist today

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It was wonderful to have Shoichi Sakurai and his wife Colleen with Grade 5 today for 2+ hours. Please talk to your child about them. You can visit their website HERE


What does Wabi-Sabi mean to you?

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Tadao Ando said that “the Japanese view of life embraced a simple aesthetic that grew stronger as inessentials were eliminated and trimmed away.”

What do you think now that we have looked at the ‘What is Wabi-Sabi’ article in class? Please comment below:


5W in Art class – February 19th

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5W in Art Feb 19

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Art Exhibition in Yamate on The Bluff

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Yamate Art Exhibition

A number of YIS’s elementary art students will have their artwork exhibited in the annual Yamate Art Show from February 14-23 at Bluff No. 115-3, The British House across the street from Y.I.S. (横浜市中区山手町115-3) from 9:30-17:00 daily & 9:30-12:00 on Feb 23.

This art show is part of the Yokohama Yamate Art Festival and includes the artwork of students from several local schools exhibited in different foreign residences in the Yamate area.

Please come visit the Y.I.S. student art gallery at The British House and see the energy, efforts, and two- & three-dimensional creativity of our Kindergarten through Grade 5 artists!


What does beauty mean to you? What is the link with ‘aesthetics?’

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In the comments section below (log in first) – please:

1. Write your definition of what beauty is.

2. How does ‘aesthetics’ link to beauty?

Do some research on the internet, think about it and write your answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS in the comment section.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

What categories of ‘beauty’ can you think of in the world?

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and what examples and specific examples of those categories do YOU think are beautiful. Make a brainstorm to show what you think. Use colour to help highlight what are major and sub categories and specific examples.

Beauty brainstorm eg

Maths games in 5th grade

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Happy New Year everyone

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Great to be back at school with everyone. 2015 is going to be super exciting. Here are some questions for you to answer from this morning.

1. Explain (in your own words) what ‘probability’ means.
2. What is an ‘outcome?’
3. How many possible outcomes are there if you toss one coin one time?
4. How many possible outcomes are there if you toss 2 coins twice?
5. In planning to write a story, what do you think are the important things to think about? (Hint – there are at least 5 or 6 things you should talk about!

Our Grade 9 buddies visited us to answer our questions about Middle School

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We asked lots of questions. Please see some of them HERE