Photos – what to do with them

Dear all,

If you want to send pictures to school (or to family and friends), please consider:

putting them in your Dropbox – or …..

making sure that they are LESS than 500 KB (kilobytes) in size. 100~200 kb is a good number to look for. Anything with MB after it is probably not good – unless you want to print the photo.

How to do this on a Mac>

If your photos are in iPhoto, go to iPhoto and choose EXPORT from the FILE menu (if not, why not put them in iPhoto first?) Choose medium or large quality and medium or large size for your photos.

Remember, you can check the size of your photos by clicking on the photo and choosing Command + I

PLEASE title your photos with something that will help YOU to remember what the photo is

Many thanks

Mr. W

Tumble Cloud – Audio Book Reading


I hope you have all enjoyed finding a great book to listen to as you read along on TumbleBook Cloud

Please add a comment to our class blog below and tell us all what you have thought about your first ‘audio book’

We will look at your comments on Friday in school. Please remember to tell us:

  • what the book is called and who the author/illustrator is
  • what happens (very briefly)
  • who the main character(s) is/are
  • what was great about the book (or not)
  • where the book is set
  • when the action is set
  • who would you recommend this book to

I look forward to reading your comments

Mr. Weekes

Mathletics – 5W was in the top 20 classes in Asia today

at least for a little while today







Great Scott – much whooping and cheering today as 5W cracked the top 20 for best classes in Asia at Mathletics. I think an early start helped!

Is your child doing a little Mathletics at home each week? It is always a great thing to do as part of his or her homework and you can keep tabs on your child’s progress too. If your child has any questions, please make sure he or she clicks the ? button and focuses on the example question presented.

Talk, talk, talk (to your child about school)

A big thanks to Mr. Mural for sharing this article posted on his class blog (3M) – very interesting

How to help your kids succeed

“….if the goal is to boost academic achievement, one of the best things parents can do – according to at least two decades of research – is talk to their kids about school.”

Here’s a suggestion to get you started: “what was the best question you asked at school today?”

Have a great weekend everyone

Julian Weekes