Field Trip for Monday December 3rd

Dear 5W Parents,

This is some information for next week’s field trip to Yokohama Tsukushino Course Athletic Field as part of our 3rd unit of inquiry into ‘How the world works’.

Our YIS office has told the teachers that we NEED to have SIGNED written permission from each parent for their children to go on school field trips off campus.

A permission slip has gone home with your child today. Please read, sign and return the slip to me by this Friday 30th November.

Without a signed permission slip returned, children will not be allowed to go on the trip and would have to stay on YIS’ campus with a 4th grade class.

Very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Julian Weekes

Wonderopolis and Inquiry via Ducks

Wonderopolis – Where the wonders of learning never cease!!

A great website introduced by Kathy Murdoch to us to stimulate curiosity and wonder. For us, you and the children.

Plus a simple video to illustrate the beauty of how to raise your ‘ducklings.’ Provide them with help when they need it. But let them try first. Even if they fail at first.

Even an interesting article from England’s Daily Telegraph to peruse – Learn to ‘walk away’ from your children, parents told

Have a great BTG and Thanksgiving weekend, if either or both of these apply to you and your family. 1 more week of November left.

Best regards

Julian Weekes