How Does Unfairness Lead to Conflict

Our unit: Sharing the Planet

How does unfairness or injustice lead to conflict? Please add you comment below.
1. Give an example of unfairness or injustice from your own life or from the life of someone you know. How did it lead to conflict? Or could it have led to conflict?
2. Then, think outside of you personally and think about the world. How has unfairness led to conflict?

For some examples outside of your own life, check out some news sites:

CNN Student Edition
Time for Kids
First News UK

Watch a ‘Kiva’ video from CNBC

Watch what can happen when you ‘loan’ as little as USD$25 through Kiva

Today, 5W lent USD$450 to people who need help, using a little of our money, and a lot from ‘sponsors.’

Can YOU loan your child money to lend on – to help someone improve their life? It might not even cost you a dime!

Please join us by using this link:


Can you help us help the world?


Today 5B showed us how they intend to use the change left over from the winter party to make a ‘micro’ loan through Why don’t you have a look at their website

and see how it works. We will talk about this in class again on Monday. We can make a USD$25 loan to someone – who will it be? And why?

Roller Coaster experiments in 5W

Roller Coaster experiment in 5W on PhotoPeach

We tried to get a marble to run through lengths of styrofoam. How high would our ‘rise’ need to be to get the marble through the loop? Could we get a marble through 2 loops? What would happen if you varied the ‘run’ and the ‘rise?’ Please watch our PhotoPeach and see how hard we worked as scientists. If you have any questions for us, perhaps you could leave a comment. Thank you for watching.

January Health News Letter

From our very own YIS nurse Megumi Kamei san

With a contribution from me about how pets are good for children! Well, I found an article that I passed on to Megumi san and she has included it in her newsletter. If you do think about getting a family pet, PLEASE consider adopting from a rescue shelter 🙂

Thank you

Julian Weekes

YHN – 23